Fascia and the Time-Free Body; the Impact of Biotensegrity on Social Change

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by Elizabeth Andes-Bell

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Sir Winston Churchill

The pandemic rupture in our lives has left us with an opportunity. We can use catastrophe to revision and restructure culture. We’ve had time to rethink many things, including what it means to be human in a culture sliding towards decay.  If we look to the past, and integrate it with what we now know, we may well find the future we desire is already here.

Anthropologists can document past cultures in peril that have adapted and thrived. The contemporary sciences of fascia and biotensegrity have opened our perceptions to our defacto continuity and connectivity. Within this past and present, a new future is emerging.

The voice of a new, third thing, an organismic intelligence is whispering to us. It’s asking who can we be and how can we thrive? Our biointelligence could be the portal through which a new culture is created.

We create and sustain culture through our bodies. They are the field that absorbs and remembers cultural limiting. Bodies configure themselves in response and transmit those limitations back into the culture. A biomechanical body lives in a box and creates a linear, time-bound, mental-rational culture.

A biotensegral body lives in fluid interconnection and adaptability and has the capacity to move freely, create and evolve new systems and arrangements. We birth new cultures through our bodies too.

From the direct experience of our biointelligence, we can fall back out of the prefrontal and enter a liminal space as part of (and partner with) the process of creation. The future emerges but it’s not always easy to recognize.

How can we see the forest for the trees?

One of the most important markers of both personal and cultural change is the emergent perception of the 4th dimension. 

Perception in four dimensions, rather than three, is not just seeing. It uses more of our sensory capacities. It includes the perception of the sensory antennae in our fascial matrix. Our bodies act on this information before it registers in our minds. Yet to develop a conscious relationship with it, we must slow down and cultivate a new relationship with life as a continuity unfolding through time.

We are seeing what has not yet become visible because we see with a synaesthetic blend of sensory awareness from a dimension of being that is not limited by culture.

Fourth dimensional perception, otherwise known as time-freedom, liberates us from the time-bound paradigm we are outgrowing.  Whole body perception ‘sees’ more than just what is physically manifest and measurable.

The ground for our time-free body is our fiber-optic fascia. It is brimming with latent and emergent haptic-kinesthetic capacities.  

Slowing down and becoming articulate in the language of our mother tongue, our biointelligence enfolds science, myth, and magic with the ongoing mystery. It leads us directly to the experience of ourselves as origin. It accelerates the self-organization of dynamic systems in individuals and culture. All the visible and invisible somehow unite to form a new creation to carry the eros and poetics of life into the future.

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Elizabeth Dare-Andes

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Elizabeth Dare Andes – Somatic Movement Therapist, Energy Healer, Educator, Activist, and Founder of Evolutionary Somatics, a healing movement practice for restoring physical vitality, post-traumatic growth and
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