We aim to bring the fascia community a wide selection of webinars, one day and multi-day events, both online and in-person, covering all elements from the world of fascia.

Our Upcoming Training/Events

Events are at the heart of The Fascia Hub community.  We aim to bring you a wide variety, presented by industry-leading speakers, covering all kinds of different topics, through theory, hands-on work and movement explorations.

If you decide to join as a member, you'll find that you'll receive member discounts and  priority booking. You will also have a free, monthly webinar with a presenter well known in the world of bodywork/movement. Of course, everyone is welcome in this community and there is something for everyone, both members and non-members.

We always love to hear your thoughts and ideas for future events, so please get in touch to let us know.

Major Showcase Events

British Fascia Symposium 2024

Date:  15th & 16th June 2024
Time: 13.00 – 21.00 UK time.
Venue: Online

This year’s BFS showcases four of the most exciting topics in our fascia community today: The New Anatomy; Working with Light Touch; Scars and Adhesions, and Movement is Therapy. Deep-dive with us into these fascinating worlds through expert presentation, the research and discussion.

This year we highlight the huge shifts happening in our understanding of fascia, and in our approach as therapists and movement educators. These are exciting times!  Join The Fascia Hub as we explore the 21st century body!

The Magic of Fasciategrity In Practice

Date: Friday 1st March 2024
Time: 9:30-5pm UK time
Venue: London, UK. In-Person Event
Presenters: Joanne Avison and Ana Barretxeguren

On this inspirational and practical day Joanne and Ana bring their combined experience and passion as teachers, therapists and educators to bring fasciategrity to life, for you and the people you work with in your practice.

The Fascial Brain(s)

With Gil Hedley, Karen Kirkness, Elizabeth Larkam and Arielle Schwartz.

Take a journey deep within to explore our three brains!  Gone are the days when ‘the brain’ was the heart of the matter!  Now we know that the heart and gut are of equal importance.

Stretching The Truth

2-Hour Webinar now available in our On Demand section

Clinical Anatomist/ Exercise Physiologist John Sharkey presents “Stretching the Truth: A critical review of the science of stretching, fascia anatomy, strain and tensegrity", which provides a thorough and compelling overview of the science of stretching, strains, and tensegrity. The presentation offers a fresh perspective on traditional beliefs about stretching and challenges the accepted norms in injury prevention and flexibility training.


Exploring Inner Space and the Evolving Human with Gil Hedley

Gil shares his thoughts on how to move forward in these challenging times, follow our instincts and explore our unlimited selves.  A recording of this session is now available in our On Demand section below.

Members' Monthly Webinars

Free webinars are run monthly for our members. Scroll down to see what’s coming up!

Upcoming Webinars

Events featuring global, industry-leading speakers are a core part of The Fascia Hub community, and our aim is to cover a broad range of topics around the theme of fascia, online and in-person.  Everyone is very welcome, but as a member, you will have priority access to all events and discounts across the board.  Please note that Member webinars will be available in the Members' Area by the following Monday and major online 1-day events will not be uploaded to the Members' Area until a minimum of four months after screening.

28th March - Member Webinar

Join Jan Trewartha with this month’s theme of ‘Developing Body Wisdom’. Jan will guide you in self-exploration, using attention intention to self-scan and help your body let go of old patterning.

25th April - Member Webinar

Join Jeannie di Bon for this webinar which will give a brief overview of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) including the subtypes and clinical manifestations. Registration open now!

21st May - Member Webinar

Join Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari The Directors of the Jing Institute of Massage for this monthly webinar a joyful exploration of the importance of touch rather than just  technique in fascial work.

Joining The Hub

There are many benefits to joining The Fascia Hub membership.  Our membership proposition is continually evolving to ensure that we bring you the best from the world of fascia, and continually improve how we support our members according to their needs.  If there is something you would like to learn more about, please drop us a line and let us know.

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