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British Fascia Symposium

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An extremely high quality event, with world class speakers who were able to bridge the space often left between scientific theory and the real life body. Loads of great information shared in a way that I didn’t feel talked down to. I learned so many really interesting things and will be back for more, I very much hope! Thank you! –  Sue, UK

I was impressed at the technical set up, very successful. The movement breaks were excellent and essential. Biotensegrity is about the human body moving–no long presentation should be without whole-body movement.

– Dianne Woodruff, Canada

Congratulations to everyone involved in this event. It was excellent from start to finish, with plenty of clinically relevant information and great anatomical insights. I particularly enjoyed Jan Trewartha’s presentation and highly recommend her book – a goldmine of information on fascia, scars and biotensegrity.

– Colin Armstrong, France

Amazing Conference! I truly recommend it! Very well organized. Brilliant presenters and very helpful and updated information. Waiting for the next to come!

– Maria Fernandez, USA

Not having covered fascia in my physiotherapy training. I was lucky the COVID-19 gave me an opportunity to gain some insight from amazing speakers. Hopefully I will translate some of this knowledge in my practice with stroke rehab and when I go back to teaching pilates. Hoping to make it to the next event. Thank you fascia hub!!

– Suk Wong, UK

The Fascial Foot

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Really appreciate all of the wisdom shared, I’m leaving with more questions than I came with and that’s always a good thing. Thanks so much to all presenters, and to you Jan. Lovely bunch of people. Very inspired!

~ Fascia Foot Attendee

I am so grateful to you all for the quality and inspiration of your training. They have lit the way for me into new universes of learning and inquiry. It’s just so stunning and lovely when that can happen.

– Kristin Farthing, USA

The Fascia Hub

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What I love most of all about the fascia hub, is the respectful, compassionate sharing of ideas from different disciplines. It makes the dialogue vibrant, dynamic and progressive. It never fails to reignite my passion for body work.

– Carina Stinchcombe, UK

The Fascial Pelvis

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The Fascial Pelvis event gave me more insights on why light touch and communication restoration is a much better way to go for many different issues. My practical experience was confirmed with data where available and presented by a warm hearted group of professionals. I felt the practical experience, intention and know how through the screen of my computer 🙂 Relaxed, light and connected, its the direction our modalities and therapies are evolving in the coming decades.

– Nancy de Vos, Netherlands

Fantastic event: excellent theme and amazing presenters! I like to thank you to the Fascia Hub team for the experience.

– Angela Fernandes, Portugal

I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was well organised with a good balance of presenters from different genres of the fascia community. John Sharkey’s pelvic anatomy presentation was, for me, the most enjoyable and informative. I learned new things and will carry a lot of it through to my work. Looking forward to the next event!

– Jill Hitchcock, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Fascial Pelvis webinar. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge of the presenters and learned something new from each of them which will benefit my practice and improve my own posture. I’m grateful that this event was online as attending in person is difficult for me and hope that these webinars will continue.

– Cathy Fernie, UK

This event was very interesting, it looked at so many angles of how to understand and connect with the pelvis. The speakers were easy to understand, there was opportunity to ask questions and it was beautifully paced with enough time to digest, before moving on. Excellent value for money, making this even more accessible to everyone in the current economic environment. Definitely can’t wait for future events! Thank you Jan and all the team.

– Karyn Miller-Hall, UK

The fascial pelvis was a brilliant online event. perfectly balanced in every way and so informative. it was a joy to attend. Tacye, UK

– Tacye Lynette, UK

The Fascial Heart

The Fascial Heart meme

This was my first ever webinar format for learning. The presenters were articulate, knowledgable and passionate in their presentations, making my first webinar fantastic. I will definitely return to future webinars and recommend your site to others!

– Kim Fuller, USA

Outstanding day of knowledge and wisdom. Gave me some great insights and practices I have incorporated into my work. Loved the physical workouts and practical demonstration. love this stressfree way of connecting with a worldwide audience! thank you so much. Fran Noble Exeter UK

– Frances Noble, UK

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