Paul Thornley

Paul Thornley
The Body PT. Ed
Movement & Rehabilitation Specialist.
Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist & Pilates Medical Exercise Specialist.
Biotensegrity, Fascia Anatomy & Physiology Global Presenter
Medical Exercise Specialist in Chronic Pain & Rehabilitation Training

My role as a Neuromuscular Therapist & Founder of The Body PT.Ed to keep abreast of our ever-evolving field within the healthcare & fitness industry, understand the research and then translate it so I can educate my clients & students to ultimately move more efficiently, understand the impact of their exercise choices and how to alter their lifestyles to ensure longevity of the body and its systems.

The world of anatomy & physiology is going through a paradigm shift , so it’s vitally important to ensure that our knowledge in this area is current and up to date.

The role of Trainer and Movement specialist is one of great pride, I am privileged to have daily opportunities to influence the lives of so many people, so with this opportunity comes responsibility on my part to maintain the very highest levels of integrity & knowledge about this subject matter.

When I teach, you get an insight into why we’re moving away from the traditional Biomechanical approach and increasingly move to the more modern understanding of anatomy which is reflected in the Biotensegrity & Fascial model.
It’s through these new concepts we’ll be able to apply better strategies to our training & pre/rehabilitation methods whether that be for general populations or athletic performance.

Authors Lisa Babiuk and Paul Thornley

Monthly Members’ Webinar – Movement and language: a discussion around biotensegrity as it applies to athletic performance and injury reduction.

Practical details Date: 24th November 2022Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK timePresenters: Lisa Babiuk and Paul ThornleyTitle:  Movement and language: a discussion around biotensegrity as it applies to athletic performance and injury reduction. Summary: The biomechanical model has been based on the concept that we can dissect parts, study how they work and then, once everything is analysed,…


Biotensegrity, Nature’s balance!

This video is part of the Integrated Biotensegrity in Motion Symposium, screened in February 2021. In watching these video recordings, you agree to the following: I understand that all rights to the presentation content belong to the presenters without exception. Sensitive and proprietary materials will be shown. Permission is granted only to watch and take…


Monthly Member Webinar – Movement and Biotensegrity

This live Zoom webinar offers this month, a chance to enhance your understanding of movement through the lens of biotensegrity, to help yourself and your clients.


Movement and Biotensegrity

Monthly Member Webinar As part of your membership, we are delighted to run a monthly Member Webinar to explore a different element of fascia.  See the details below for this month’s instalment. Event type Zoom Members Webinar Online 7 pm BST Day Hour Minute Second 19th August 2021 – 19:00 UK time Practical details Date:…


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