Dr. Jan B Eyskens

Jan b Eyskens (1952) Doctor in Medical Sciences (University of Antwerp), Movement Consultant and Philosophical Practician. Coaches people who seek change and want to give meaning to their work. The keywords are based on your own strength and learning to ask the right question.

Twenty years ago Jan designed the so-called ‘field model’ for physiotherapists / physiotherapists. During rehabilitation, both the primary pain site (tissue damage?) And the protective, but equally painful, and extra tensile muscles around it are looked at. At the same time, much attention is paid to the way in which patients use their entire body.

In Movement Practice, the patient learns how he himself can prevent overloading parts of the body and ‘stress’ by moving more safely and more energy-efficiently. A good day and night rhythm but also order in your environment are very important here. These aspects are therefore discussed with the patient.

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Quest for Space: Towards a Novel Approach in Treating Pain and Fatigue on Earth

On earth so-called mechanical body overload, causing tissue strain, tissue damage and fatigue,
is considered to be a major cause of physical complaints including neck and lower back pain.
Mechanical strain related to body posture has been shown to play a significant role in ongoing,
widespread pain and fatigue (patients prefer to lie down while limiting standing and sitting).
Understandably, the link to gravity’s vertical vector is quickly made.


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