James Earls

James Earls is a writer, lecturer, and bodyworker, specialising in functional anatomy. In recent years he has concentrated on blending movement with manual therapy to create new approaches to bodywork.
Increasing the understanding and practice of manual therapy has been a passion of James’ since starting practice 30 years ago. Throughout his career James has travelled widely to learn from the best educators in his field.
James is now concentrating on finding new approaches to understanding how to apply movement and myofascial principles to bodywork. Renowned for his relaxed and humorous style, James is a popular presenter whose subject is applicable for a wide-ranging audience that includes osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists and movement therapists.
James’ blend of movement and fascial understanding led to the publication of his well-received “Born to Walk”, an introduction to interconnected mechanics of the body.

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James Earls: Understanding Fascia in Movement

We all know that fascia can act as a spring, but it does so much more than that. This presentation will show how fascial tissue helps increase our power output to jump and throw further, how it contributes to all kinds of normal, everyday movements to improve efficiency, and how it helps us absorb forces…


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