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By Daren Knight

The rules of classical physics show us that matter is made up of molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles, which all act in predictable ways, and allow us to understand the ways of the world. Quantum physics, however, shows us that there are even smaller quantum particles which break all the known rules of classical physics. Quantum particles can appear and disappear, dependent on whether they’re being measured or not; they can be in two places at the same time; they can spin in different directions at the same time, and they can even interact with each other whilst separated by space and time.

To understand how we as humans are made up from, and interact with quantum phenomena, there are two broader concepts that I must first explain.

Firstly, the concept of ‘Zero Point Energy’. This is the field of energy from which all known energy and matter is manifested, and which connects all things of the universe, both physical and energetic. The Zero Point Energy field holds the information for all things of the universe. Secondly, neuroscientists and philosophers alike have attempted to tackle what is known as ‘The Hard Problem’, i.e. what is the phenomenon of the human mind, as it cannot be found housed in any specific areas of the brain, and therefore appears to have a quantum component?

To bring these two concepts together; Zero Point Energy has been offered by some as what is described as Consciousness (big C), whilst human awareness is described as consciousness (small c), i.e. a part of the unified universal field of Consciousness. Whilst appearing to be physically separate, we are all in fact a part of the universal energy field.

Two simple examples of the energetics of mind-body connection in medical science are ‘Psychoneuroimmunology’ (PNI), which is the study of the relationship between the mind and the immune system, and the ‘Placebo Effect’; both of these show how the conscious mind can affect the body and physical health. Another energetic mystery in the human body is how our soft tissue systems can respond to stimuli at speeds that cannot be explained by the known communication systems of the body. An example of this is a baseball batter being capable of hitting the pitcher’s ball, when the speed of the mind-body response required to do this is faster than the 20 meters/second capability of the nervous system. It is suggested that a component of our soft tissue (the extracellular matrix) is itself a superconductor of various other forms of energy, such as biophoton (light) energy, that can pass near-instant communication between cells. Therefore, dysfunction of the physical body inhibits such communication between cells, which inhibits health.

The mind-body connection in healing is scientifically irrefutable, and now quantum sciences show us how we are also a part of, and affected by, the energy fields of Nature. We are energy at our smallest subatomic level, and with that, we are intertwined with the unified field of Nature’s own universal energy, and that of everyone and everything within it.

If thinking about ourselves as part of a reality that breaks all known classical scientific rules confuses you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As Richard Feynman, one of the forefathers of modern quantum mechanics famously said, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

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Daren Knight

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My name is Daren Knight, and I spent the majority of my previous career and personal life travelling the world, working and living in remote areas, having travelled extensively across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, South East Asia, Australia, and North/Central/South America.

Born and raised in England, I have lived in Ireland since 2011, and am qualified to MBA.

I was first introduced to Amatsu therapy by receiving successful treatments for a serious musculoskeletal chest injury that I had sustained. After experiencing first hand the incredible full recovery that Amatsu gave me, and with a lifelong interest in modern and ancient teaching of healing arts, I immediately commenced training as an Amatsu therapist.

As a qualified therapist, I now continue my studies in other modern Western and traditional Asian healing modalities that complement the service provided to my clients in Naas, County Kildare.

I am a registered Member of Ireland’s ‘Association of Neuromuscular & Massage Therapists‘ (ANMT), and a registered Member of the ‘Complementary Therapists Association‘ (CThA). I am a member of the ‘Scientific & Medical Network‘ and the ‘Institute of Noetic Sciences‘ (IONS), and a Professional Affiliate of ‘The Galileo Commission‘.

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