Wojciech Cackowski

Wojtek has been fascinated with movement, sports and bodywork all his life. He finished his degree in sport education and physiotherapy and he is also a board-certified ATSI (formerly KMI) structural integration practitioner. Wojtek has been practicing manual and yoga therapy for five years, combining it with myofascial therapy in the water. Happy father of two children, he lives and practices in Poland in a medical Spa whose idea is built around Anatomy Trains concepts and Anatomy Trains structural integration combined with structural, functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, and manual and movement interventions. His passion is bodywork and holistic approaches to the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. He brings this passion combined with his excellent knowledge of anatomy and manual therapy technique to the workshops he teaches. He is a founder of Zoga Movement concept.

Monthly Members’ Webinar – Sharon Wheeler Interviewed by Wojciech Cackowski

Practical details N.B. Please note this webinar is on a Wednesday, not the usual Thursday. Date: Wednesday 23rd August 2023Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK timePresenters: Sharon Wheeler and Wojciech CackowskiTitle: Sharon Wheeler Interviewed by Wojciech Cackowski about BoneWork Summary: Sharon Wheeler, originator of ‘BoneWork’, is interviewed by Wojciech Cackowski.  Sharon originally trained with Dr Ida Rolf.  During her…


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