a Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapist, a certified Gyrokinesis & Stott Pilates Trainer, a Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach with a master’s Degree in Biochemistry is the India master trainer for The Center for Women’s Fitness.

She founded Transcendfit to coach people to overcome their physical, physiological
and psychological barriers to accomplish their goals.

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Moushumi Kuvawala & Sneha Krishna: The role of collagen in myofascial mechanotransduction

Fibroblast migration is critical to maintain homeostasis and a healthy functioning of muscular tissue.  The micro-environment/ ECM of the intramuscular connective tissue (IMCT) provides structural integrity, tissue boundaries & initiates mechano-sensitive signalling pathways within the attached fibroblasts, which then influences its migration and other biochemical processes (Mechanotransduction).  Stiffness of the IMCT is determined by the…


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