Owen Lewis

Owen is a highly experienced and educated clinician. An accomplished teacher of many years he has recently teamed up with James Earls to create Born to Move. Born to Move is a comprehensive set of courses that are not confined to any one doctrine but blends and utilises James and Owen’s varied and extensive understanding of the body in movement. Being taught by Owen is to experience simplicity within the complex. Seeds of knowledge watered by a wealth of clinical relevance.

Clinically Owen has gained a distinguished reputation. Grounded in his extensive anatomical and biomechancial understanding he works alongside his clients. Taking a principle based framework that allows the discovery of individually tailored, effective solutions to problems and empower change.

His diverse interests in art, anatomy, philosophy and movement to ensure his workshops are a pleasurable part of your training.

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Owen Lewis: Palpation, Perception and Philosophy in clinical practice

I don’t know enough. What did I miss? And who am I to try and make a change anyway?  Our clinical reality is the battle with these inner demons of uncertainty. During this talk we explore how uncertainty is actually necessary for excellence.Learn to use philosophy as a practical clinical guide in this informative and…


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