Kate Strozak

Kate Strozak has been teaching within the Pilates and movement industry since 2004 to clients of a wide variety of ages, conditions, and goals. She is known for delivering thoughtful and creative sessions in a client focused manner utilizing a unique blend of Pilates, the Oov, Runity, and various methods of fascial release. Her work emphasizes restoring movement efficiency and improving everyday as well as athletic function through her movement and bodywork modalities. Her deep appreciation and understanding of the nervous system are emphasized in sessions in order to facilitate long lasting and impactful results. Delivering a positive movement experience with functional applications, she empowers her clients to prioritize and revel in their health and wellness.
As an educator for Polestar Pilates International, Oov Education, and Runity, Kate fosters a collaborative environment conducive for professional education. Her priority is to encourage critical reasoning, questioning, and exploration in any professional education environment.

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Kate Strozak: An Integrated Experience of the NeuroFascial System

Join Kate in this one hour movement and stillness experience of integrating the nervous system and fascial systems to achieve a sense of wellbeing and mindfulness. With careful consideration of the fascial system and its importance on human movement and experience, this movement session will explore various ways to promote tissue glide, loading, and when…

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Kate Strozak – 10 Minute Movement Video

In watching this video recording, you agree to the following: I understand that all rights to the presentation content belong to the presenters without exception. Sensitive and proprietary materials will be shown. Permission is granted only to watch and take notes. No permission is granted to screenshot, record, transmit or share the content. Doing so…


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