Jeremy Ryan Mossman

Jeremy Ryan Mossman is a teacher of voice, movement, and wholistic expression, currently living in Ontario, Canada. He earned a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre Performance from the University of Miami, and a Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy with a focus on Musical Theatre Voice from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

Jeremy has recently moved on from academic teaching after 15+ years in order to focus on teaching in more creative and integrative ways while sharing his passion for wholly embodied singing.

Jeremy is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, and is also in training to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Knowledgeable in both biomechanics and biotensegrity, Jeremy has a unique way of reconciling long-held beliefs with new understandings about the body and teaching voice, which he teaches to other voice teachers in his program, Body Based Voice Ped.

Jeremy has been a presenter at several conferences and symposia, including The Voice Foundation, the Musical Theatre Educator’s Alliance, and The Estill World Symposium, and has also taught masterclasses and workshops in around the US & Canada, various cities in China, and to people around the world with his online workshops. He also contributed to the British Fascia Symposium in 2022.

Mossman’s pedagogical ideas have been published in The Vocal Athlete Workbook first and second edition (third edition is coming soon), as well as The Singing Teacher’s Cookbook, and you can read various articles he wrote in recent editions of Classical Singer Magazine.

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