Jenny Wickford

PhD, educator, physio, yoga teacher
My particular interest is persistent pain and dysfunction, in particular related to the pelvis, back, abdomen and hips, endometriosis, as well as physical and emotional wellbeing. I strive to provide health services from an inclusive, wholistic, environmentally sustainable and social perspective. I have a broad range of experience, having worked in Sweden, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, in clinics and universities, with editing work and humanitarian development. I set up Sweden’s first pelvic pain centre in Linköping, Sweden. I love learning and teaching, and engage in continuous learning and professional development, through teaching and participating in courses, taking a critically reflective approach in my clinical work.

I currently offer health education and yoga, please see Sitara Balance to find out more.

I am HCPC registered and a member of the CSP and the Yoga Alliance.

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Menopause and the pelvis

Menopause is an important phase of life, and it can have an impact on many levels. Menopause is the “last menstruation and occurs when the production of oestrogen from the ovaries has decreased so much that the mucous membrane (endometrium) of the uterus is no longer stimulated” (1, p.185). One central player in menopause is…

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The Pivotal Pelvis

In watching these video recordings, you agree to the following: I understand that all rights to the presentation content belong to the presenters without exception. Sensitive and proprietary materials will be shown. Permission is granted only to watch and take notes. No permission is granted to screenshot, record, transmit or share the content. Doing so…


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