Fabiana Silva

Prof. Fabiana Silva
MSc. in Epidemiology
Certificate in Orthopaedical Manual Therapy - Australia
Sports Physiotherapist Specialist SONAFE
Fascia Research Society Executive Board Member
ACS - ASOMI College of Sciences Academic Board Member
Author of two chapters of the new edition of the book Fascia the Tensional Bodywork of the Human Body 2021 edition
Technical reviewer of the book Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction - Portuguese edition
Author of Profisio Artmed's chapter on Fascia Biology in Sport
Published Article Potential Nociceptive Role of the Thoracolumbar Fascia: A Scope Review Involving In Vivo and Ex Vivo Studies.
open access
CEO CIRKLO Ensino em Saúde

Fabiana Silva: Thoracolumbar fascia and pain: what we are missing?

Aims: to present the relationships of the thoracolumbar fascia with both acute and chronic pain and related movement disorders as well as some therapeutic possibilities Objectives: to bring evidence about the relationship of thoracolumbar fascia to acute and chronic low back pain to bring the discussion about TLF and its possible relationship with shoulder and…

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Fabiana Silva: Manual Therapy with a look beyond pain

Fabiana will bring the clinical application of manual therapy with a perspective based on literature, focusing on its systemic effects in different dysfunctions. Objectives: to develop reasoning, bringing knowledge about the types of receptors in skin and fascia, about the possibilities of touches together with different stimuli such as deep breathing, foam rollers, balls, movement….


Scars, Organs and Movement

Most people, when they see scar tissue or a scar on the skin, think: “I’m seeing a healed scar”. But we professionals must look further! When I come across a patient’s scar, I think in mechanical aspects such as pressure, stretching, changes in this tissue in relation to itself and its interfaces with other tissues…


Monthly Members’ Webinar – Scars, organs and movement: what do we need to know?

Practical details Date: 20th October 2022Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK timePresenter: Fabiana SilvaTitle: Scars, organs and movement: what do we need to know? Summary: Can scars interfere with our functionality? How can they influence our movements? Do they also influence our functioning and our internal organs? How can we assess and address this situation? This lecture will address this…


Monthly Members’ Webinar – Scars, organs and movement: what do we need to know?

Monthly Member Webinar with Fabiana Silva Practical details Date: Thursday 20th October Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK time. Check your timezone here Presenters: Fabiana Silva Title: Scars, organs and movement: what do we need to know? The webinar will be uploaded to the Members’ Area within 72 hours of the event for free access by…


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