Celina Hwang

Célina supports the processes of reliance, resilience and coherency of the human being and transmits the art of movement in a non-dogmatic way with the pure intention to bring people back to their unique spaciousness with integrity.
Célina has a long and extensive embodiment and meditation practice as a professional dancer and choreographer, yogini and teacher of dance, somatic, Pilates, yoga, a deep understanding of the human body through experience. Eternal student, movement explorer and soma searcher, she is on a journey to return to biointelligence through living tensegrity, helping her students to shift to a more ecological and sustainable body practice, respectful of the physical bio-diversity of each individual. Since nearly 20 years, her innovative pedagogy is a source of inspiration for movement teachers and students alike. She applies the principles of living tensegrity into her fascia-informed movement repertoire to rehabilitate Nature’s helicoidal patterns.
She is the creative founder of the education schools in Switzerland: Pilates Return to Life Teacher Trainings and BioIntegritYoga: Biotensegrity infused embodiment yoga practice and teaches internationally.
She bows to all her teachers in dance, somatic, meditation, energetic therapies, yoga, Pilates, therapeutic, fascia and biotensegrity fields.
Célina is pursuing her studies in Continuum Movement, Body Mind Centering and Anatomy and is a 5 Filament co-developer with Karen Kirkness.
She is certified in Body Tuning, Adaptive Bodywork, traditionnal Thaï Massage Nuad Bo-Rahn and Reiki.

Spirality, chirality and movement

Curvature and rotation are features so deeply embedded within our natural structure, it is easy to overlook the significance. Spirality, a biological strategy, is hidden in the obvious. Helical structure underpins all carbon-based life; from the micro level in particles up through living forms that we would all easily recognise, such as fascial compartments and…


Monthly Members’ Webinar – Written in the Tissues: a movement practice inspired by embryonic folding

Practical details Date: 21 April 2022Time: 20.00 – 21.00 * Please note change from normal time.Presenters: Karen Kirkness and Celina HwangTitle: Written in the Tissues: a movement practice inspired by embryonic folding A combination of 30 minutes of theory and 20 minutes of movement exploring the embryological actions of lateral & longitudinal folding to help attendees gain a dual…


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