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The Stephen M. Levin Biotensegrity Archive (the Archive) is dedicated to advancing the theory of biotensegrity, which posits that Kenneth Snelson’s and Buckminster Fuller’s architectural concept of tensegrity applies to living systems from sub-cellular to whole-organism levels, and explains how biological structures develop by responding advantageously to physical forces. (All links on this page will open in new browser window.) The insights of biotensegrity theory carry tremendous implications for improved approaches to surgery, design of protective headgear and other equipment, vehicular crash modeling, robotics and physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, and other applications in fields of health and wellness and beyond, such as in systems science, soft matter physics and biomimicry.

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BiotensegriTea Party 1.35: Anatomy and Movement Series: The Pelvis

Guest host Niall Galloway continues his Anatomy and Movement series, this time focusing on the pelvis with guests Anna Crowle and Stephen M. Levin.


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