Stretching the Truth & Beyond Limits Webinar Bundle

With John Sharkey

Part 1 - Stretching the Truth Overview

Clinical Anatomist/ Exercise Physiologist John Sharkey presents a two-hour webinar, “Stretching the Truth: A critical review of the science of stretching, fascia anatomy, strain and tensegrity", which provides a thorough and compelling overview of the science of stretching, strains, and tensegrity. The presentation offers a fresh perspective on traditional beliefs about stretching and challenges the accepted norms in injury prevention and flexibility training.

This presentation will be a visually rich and captivating exploration of the fascinating world of fascia, tensegrity and soft matter physics-the physics of us.

At the heart of John Sharkey's presentation is the concept of tensegrity, a term coined by architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller to describe structures that maintain their shape through the balance of tension and compression. John demonstrates how this principle applies not only to architecture but also to the human body, with its interconnected fascia net.

Using stunning visuals and engaging anecdotes, John shows how the principles of tensegrity can help us better understand the neurofascial dynamics of movement and the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced body. John also delves into the world of soft matter physics, exploring the properties of materials that exhibit both solid and liquid-like behaviour, such as the gel-like substance found in our joints. Throughout the presentation, John challenges conventional wisdom and encourages his audience to question assumptions about the human body and its capabilities.

With an infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the subject matter, "Stretching the truth" is a must-see presentation for anyone interested in stretching, fascia and tensegrity.

Part 2 - Beyond Limits Overview

In this illuminating lecture, John Sharkey will challenge conventional exercise science by exploring the intricate interplay between our fascia, muscle fibres, nerves, and the fascinating realm of interoceptive neurocognition.

Supported by the latest research John will unravel the intricate web of our richest sensory system, our fascia, and the inner workings of our minds.

You'll gain insights into how our body-brain communicates through sensations of tightness and discomfort, often revealing deeper emotional and psychological dimensions. Have you ever wondered why your muscles sometimes feel inexplicably tight, even when you haven't exerted yourself physically?

John will take you on a journey through the inner landscape of the human body, where you'll discover that muscle tightness is not just a physical sensation but a doorway to understanding the deeper aspects of our neurocognitive processes.

You will learn how your fascia serves as the messenger between the soma and the brain, conveying vital information about our emotional and physical states.

Through a blend of cutting-edge research, captivating anecdotes, and insightful analysis, John Sharkey will shed light on how the need to stretch is a sub-conscious player in the intricate dance of fascia, motion and emotion.

Join John at the Fascia Hub for an intellectually stimulating event that promises to expand your horizons and bring you up to date on fascia science. "Beyond Limits" will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the intricate interplay between body and mind, offering a fresh perspective on the age-old practice of stretching and the mysteries of muscle tightness. Don't miss this opportunity to stretch your understanding and unlock the hidden secrets of your own body and consciousness.

N.B. This is a follow-up webinar to John's lecture Stretching the Truth this recording is now held in our On Demand Video section and is available for sale to watch/rewatch as part of this bundle or singly.

With this purchase you have 6 months' access to the webinar replays.

John Sharkey

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John Sharkey is an international educator, author and authority in the areas of Clinical Anatomy, Exercise Science, human movement and the manual treatment of chronic pain. John is a graduate of the University of Dundee, University of Liverpool and University of Chester.

He completed undergraduate and post-graduate studies in the areas of exercise physiology, clinical anatomy and holds post-graduate qualifications in education. He is currently a senior lecturer within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Life Sciences, University of Chester/NTC, Dublin and is the programme leader of the Biotensegrity focused full body Thiel soft fix cadaver dissection courses held at the department of anatomy and human identification, Dundee University, Scotland.

John also offers dissection courses across the globe.

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