Introducing the Magic of Fasciategrity In Practice: Keys to optimising living human body structure for movement and manual therapists

Practical details

Date: Friday 1st March 2024

Time: 9:30-5pm UK time

Venue: The Musical Museum, Kew, London, UK.  Please note this is an in-person event only. No streaming or recording available.

Presenters: Joanne Avison and Ana Barretxeguren

Title: Introducing the Magic of Fasciategrity In Practice: Keys to optimising living human body structure for movement and manual therapists



If you are a movement teacher or a manual practitioner, you seek to make a difference to people in their everyday life. You want to improve their movements or remove their pain and discomfort. In other words, you have dedicated your work to optimise their ability to do theirs - whatever their roles in life. You were also taught anatomy on the basis that the human body is “biomechanical” which it isn’t. Ever. Human beings embody a biomotional system, which is animated by their unique spirit. Always. There are micromovements uniquely applied that can transform the difference you can make. Time and again. It works - when you have the appropriate structural map of how forces move through forms.

On this full day, in-person practice, Joanne and Ana bring their combined experience and passion as teachers, therapists and educators to bring fasciategrity to life, for you and the people you work with in your practice. You will leave with a deeper understanding of the subtleties of fasciategrity and moving fascia in living form. It is an essential aspect of human geometry. Understanding this basic premise will give you the missing links to optimising people’s movement and posture, despite their differences. Whatever your repertoire or speciality, you will not only learn valuable techniques and subtle movements to add to what you already do - but you will also understand why, what, when and where to use them, so that your work makes a bigger difference - to everyone you teach or treat.


Together we will spend a day moving from theory, to practise, through various levels of subtlety and awareness, from the outside in and, by the end, from the inside out. This means you will leave feeling as well as understanding your own fasciategral system, your own biomotional intelligence and your intuitive structural self-awareness. This then forms the template or reference for how you can animate the same in your client sessions and classes, including and transcending what you already know. In other words, evolving it. Be warned - this work has a reputation for transforming practices and practitioners - not to mention their clients!


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Regardless of age or fitness level or years of experience, this workshop will engage everyone in four heart-centred sessions (morning and afternoon, with a break in each) to inspire each participant to recognise their own strengths and instinctive understanding of their true body matrix. The exercises are designed to animate curiosity and wonder with a deep respect for living human body architecture and how the forces of nature move through our individual forms. We will consider how we self-organise as embryos and develop our inner and outer awareness. Through recognising 21st Century anatomy and how Fasciategrity principles “make sense of how we make sense” (of ourselves, our relationship to our bodies and our being) - we will unlock the code to increased confidence, balance and resilience. With this in place, any practice or treatment holds promise for the client, because it makes it unique to them.

  • Transform your teaching and treatments with keys that bring fasciategrity theory to life for those you work with.
  • Take away clear techniques to use like “proprioceptive feedback loops” so you know what to do when - and why - and it makes sense to you and your client.
  • Develop your skills as a Fascia Whisperer (hands on or hands off) when you teach and treat in class or clinic.
  • Discover your innate ability to reflect harmonic resonance to others and the keys to helping them discover that for themselves.
  • Learn how to spot and sense the difference that will make the difference to others. (Spoiler Alert - it’s different every time! - and there’s a way to recognise it!)
  • Evolve your own practice by adding the context of Fasciategrity to your wisdom body and the body of wisdom you call on.

Please note that this day will be an in-person event only and will not be available digitally. There are a limited number of places, due to the personalised nature of this workshop and individual attention required. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


You will be provided with various props (proprioceptive tools) to use during the day. One of these will be the Moving Fascia Ball* which has a unique design for the techniques you will learn in the workshop.

*If you would like to purchase and keep your own personal Moving Fascia ball on the day, we are delighted to offer you a 25% discount on the standard price of £16.95 each. Link here

Please note, the Moving Fascia ball has a very specific design, unlike the popular soft exercise balls, which may also be used. 

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In-Person at The Musical Museum, Kew, London. N.B. This event is in-person only. No recording or streaming of the event.



9.30 - Doors open, welcome drink

10.00 - 13.00 Morning session with 20-minute break

We will begin with some theory using practical models and movements to clarify what Fasciategrity is and how it resides uniquely in everyone. This will form the foundation.

We will then put into practice some of the basic principles that animate and apply this unique approach in practice. Using simple movements and body reading techniques we will recognise in ourselves and each other the 5 keys to optimising our own biomotional intelligence. That gives us the keys to working with others, with and without props*.

The morning session will focus on establishing (practically) the first 3 keys as an essential foundation. This then optimises the work in our own practice and treatments (without changing what we already do). It forms a “pre-pre-hab platform” of biomotional integrity on which to work with our clients so they can respond confidently to our work. This optimises and evolves it, so it naturally makes a bigger difference.

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

14.00 - 16.30 Afternoon session with 20-minute break

We will shift gears into the more subtle frequencies of the Fasciategrity System through the breath and interactive partnership work, with and without props* in the afternoon.

The afternoon will add the remaining 2 keys of the Fasciategrity Foundation. This naturally enhances our own biomotional intelligence and deepens the practice to take away and use after the workshop. We take it inside so that we can experience for ourselves the inner template of self-awareness and recognition, towards the ultimate physical ability to find stillness.

This deeply facilitates each practitioner’s instinctive approach and allows them to make a bigger difference to themselves and those they work with! It evolves the movement practice, inevitably.

16.30 – 17.00 Completion and Refreshment.

This time will allow us to adjust ourselves after the immersive day in readiness for the outside world.


*See information above on the Moving Fascia ball.



Dr Joanne Avison is an author, advanced Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Structural Integration practitioner/teacher, with a doctorate degree in Spiritual Science. Joanne is passionate about the New Science of Body Architecture; the geometry of form and consciousness in animated beings. Her work includes writing “Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement” (2nd edition, Handspring, 2021). As a leading authority in fascia and tensegrity in 21st Century living anatomy, Joanne is currently writing the book of the course (with Paul Thornley) Myofascial Magic in Action. Co-author of Fasciategrity in Motion, with John Sharkey, these dynamic and practical programmes simplify how fascia and tensegrity integrate to make sense of natural movement patterns and practices for all movement professionals and manual practitioners of any discipline or style. Joanne’s presentations weave the missing practical links between fascial anatomy and human health and performance that can be integrated for all practitioners to make a bigger difference to themselves and their clients.

Ana new photo

Ana Barretxeguren is a movement educator and myofascial release practitioner and the creator of Moving Fascia®, a somatic movement method that has helped hundreds restore ease and minimise pain through fluid movement.

Moving Fascia® originated as a fascial anatomy course, arising from Ana’s clinical
experience as a movement and manual therapist combined with her work in the
dissection lab. The result was the creation of Moving Fascia®; a relatable approach
that prioritises nervous system regulation and blends somatics with fascia through
movement, embodiment, self-massage and breath practices.

Ana holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Anatomical Sciences from the University of
Edinburgh, has taught embodied anatomy to movement teachers for more than a
decade and lectures on fascia internationally, including at the British Fascia Symposium. Her own personal experience of living with catamenial pneumothorax, a rare condition of repetitive lung collapses, has led her to a continuous commitment to the exploration of fascia, both professionally and personally, focusing on the visceral space and its connections to breath and movement.

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In-Person at The Musical Museum, Kew, London. N.B. This event is in-person only. No recording or streaming of the event.


Venue: The Musical Museum, Kew, London, UK.

Parking: There are two parking options close by:

1. Travelodge (Public Pay & Display). This car park is operated by Horizon Parking on behalf of Travelodge. Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Parking charges: £8 per 24 hours for guests. Pay and display machine, via QR Code, phone, Horizon website or Horizon parking app.

2. Brentford Waterside Multi-Storey Car Park - Monday – Friday; Hourly Rate: £2.00; 24 Hours: £10.00.


A yoga mat and a light blanket, wear comfortable clothes and layer up, depending upon the weather.

Bring your own lunch, water and refreshments. (There are local places to buy food including a Sainsburys, Costa Coffee & station café, all about a 5-10 minute walk). A very small café is available on the premises.

Light refreshments will be supplied in the breaks.

During the day, Ana will be using the Moving Fascia® SOFT ball as part of the movement and breath exploration and you will be provided with a ball to use during the day. See above for discount, should you wish to buy one of these very reasonably priced balls.

** You are requested to turn off all devices during the sessions and to leave the main training area if you need to use them in the breaks. Thank you for your consideration.

Join the Fascia Hub membership today and enjoy £40 off your event ticket.

In-Person at The Musical Museum, Kew, London. N.B. This event is in-person only. No recording or streaming of the event.

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