Course: A Fascial Perspective for Working with Scars and Adhesions

Robert Schleip has run his popular course, A Fascial Perspective for Working with Scars and Adhesions, twice now for The Fascia Hub and we have had excellent feedback from the students. Here you may purchase the recordings. Please note that these include all the formal presentations which comprise  valuable and relevant research and insights into working with scars and adhesions. They do not include the chat sessions, nor the practical elements of the extra content included in the 'live' online course.

Workshop Outline:

The workshop outline will be as follows:

- Morphology & physiology of fascial tissues
- Development of different scar and adhesion types
- Regulation of wound repair and fibrotic pathologies
- Rehydration and dehydration; fluid shear

Image - Robert Schleip

What you will learn:

Robert will take you on a journey to explore fascial tissues, different scar adhesion types, regulation of wound repair and the impact of hydration on the body.

As a special bonus to those purchasing the recordings of the workshop, each participant will receive access to five additional lectures from the fascia research field. These non-public lectures will be available for your further study until the end of December 2022.

  • Antonio Stecco: Fascial densification
  • Paul Hodges: Neuromotor control and fascial interactions
  • Caterina Fede: The cells of fascia and their receptors
  • Boris Hinz: Myofibroblasts just love stress
  • Robert Schleip: Connective tissues in sports medicine


Further, six practical demonstrations are included as supportive educational material.

Presenter Bio:

Dr Robert Schleip is a human biologist and psychologist specialising in fascia research. He is co-founder of the ground breaking International Fascia Research Congress, which takes place every three years in different venues globally. His passion is fascia and research into the subject, and for this he is renowned.  Robert organised the event "CONNECT - Connective Tissues in Sports Medicine" in 2013, 2017 and 2021, together with the sports physician Prof. Jürgen Steinacker.  He is also Executive Research Director of the European Rolfing Association, Vice President of the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation and Board Member of the Fascia Research Society.

Researcher, lecturer, author and publisher, Robert Schleip is one of the most recognised faces in the world of fascia and inspires a huge following. His most recent book is the second edition of Fascia, Sport and Movement, co-edited with Jan Wilke and published by Handspring Publishing.


To discover more about Robert and his work please click here to visit his website.


Please note that after purchase you have six months' access to these recordings, thank you.

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