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Practical details

Date: Replay

Presenter: Elizabeth Dare Andes

Title: When Things Don't Fall Apart – Exploring Our Capacity for Coherence

Access to the recordings available throughout the festive season. 

Webinar Outline:

As always, we open up our Members-only Webinar series to everyone for the month of December, to share valuable and uplifting ways of rising above this potentially stressful season.

How do we live in such challenging times? What do we want to continue and what do we not? How do we want to be for ourselves, our families and the world we share? How can we recover our wholeness and coherence when things spin out of control?

Join Elizabeth Dare Andes for a deep dive into your capacity to recharge and restore your capacity for coherence. We'll explore this from a biological, energetic and psychodynamic perspective. Then your thinking self can relax and your feeling self takes over. Using gentle wave movement and sound, we'll drop into realms of sensation and interoception to explore continuity, interconnection and a sense of unity in us. Your biointelligent wisdom is always full of surprises, so come prepared for a respite from holiday busyness and a world gone mad. With a nod to Karl Jung, we may even enlarge our understanding of the transcendent and immanent alive and well in us.

N.B. Please wear comfortable clothes and have a comfortable place to lie down, with some room to move around. This can be a carpet, a blanket or, if space is an issue, a yoga mat will be fine.

Presenter Bio:

Elizabeth Dare Andes

Elizabeth Dare Andes – Somatic Movement Therapist, Energy Healer,
Educator, Pleasure Activist, and Founder of Evolutionary Somatics, a healing movement practice for restoring physical vitality, post-traumatic growth and co-creative-futuring.

She is an internationally recognized presenter on fascia, energy healing and somatic movement for physical and emotional well-being, conscious evolution and the new science of coherent interbeing.

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Time/Date of Event

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Open to all!


4 pm BST

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