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with Rachel Tudor and Sarah Hartman

Practical details

Date: Thursday 16th February

Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK time. Check your timezone here

Presenters: Rachel Tudor and Sarah Hartman

Title: Presenting Paradigm shifts

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Webinar Summary:

Just as biotensegrity is a paradigm shift from biomechanics, quantum biology is a paradigm shift from biochemistry. As we regain the lost understanding of the organism we inhabit, we shift our perspective from the current paradigm that the body is biochemical, to the understanding that the body is bioelectric. What we inhabit is not comprised of parts or separate systems; rather, we inhabit an interconnected organism that requires appropriate energy acquisition, utilization and communication in order to properly function.

This webinar will focus on the following quantum biological aspects of mitochondrial energetics:

circadian rhythms, nnEMF’s, cold thermogenesis, grounding, water, and photobiomodulation.  It will address how these aspects inform and energize at a mitochondrial level via the quantum communication superhighway of the living matrix: fascia.

Presenter Bios:

Rachel Tudor

Rachel’s vision is for everyone to be able to move effortlessly and find joy in the easy motion of their bodies. Her fascination with the body began at a young age as the daughter of a renowned cardiologist. She would spend hours poring over her father’s medical and dissection texts, enthralled with the majesty of the human body.

Rachel has 30 years of experience as a movement professional teaching ballet, contemporary Pilates, fascia-focused and interdisciplinary movement.

She is the owner of Tudor Pilates, a fascia and biotensegrity informed studio that has evolved into a movement ‘lab’ serving a wide range of clients, from those with severe pathologies to those in elite athletics.

Sarah Hartman

Sarah is an Internationally Certified Corrective Movement Specialist, Master Trainer, Rehabilitation Coach, and Certified DNA-Based Program Designer who believes that everyone evolved to move well.

She is Certified in Applied Quantum Biology as a Quantum Health/Circadian Medicine Specialist through the Quantum Biology Collective. Her background consists of over 20 years’ experience in the fields of movement modalities such as Corrective Movement, Neurological Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention/Correction, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Competitive Powerlifting, Body Building, Military fitness, Olympic Lifting, Russian Kettlebells, DNA-based Program Design and Performance Strength and Conditioning.

Sarah’s years of experience, and knowledge have led her to understand that our species, the species Homo sapiens, are energetic beings inhabiting living organisms that evolved on this planet, beneath its star, encompassing its water, in order to move.

This understanding allows Sarah to merge mindful, fascia-focused movement modalities with the dynamic approaches of power, loading and greater external stimuli under the focus of a quantum-informed perspective. This revolutionary approach to healing provides her clients with the tools to reconnect their energetic selves to the living organisms they inhabit and safely address mitochondrial dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, chronic and acute injuries, and fascial and neurological adaptations and disorders leading to higher quality of movement and life.

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16th February 2023 - 19:00 UK time

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7 pm BST

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