Monthly Member Webinar

with Elizabeth Andes-Bell and Bruce Bell

Practical details

Date: Thursday 22nd September

Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK time. Check your timezone here

Presenters: Elizabeth Andes-Bell and Bruce Bell

Title: Integrating Our Quantum Anatomy into Movement Education

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Webinar Summary:

Join Elizabeth Andes-Bell and Bruce Bell for a discussion of integrating fascial toning and biotensegral principles into somatic experience so that students/clients recover, regenerate and embody balance and harmony.

They will briefly cover four areas of focus used in their methodology that integrates fascial and energy work:

1. The relationship between your 'Quantum Anatomy' and biotensegrity's first principles. How we use minimal energy, close packing and geodesic in movement experiences.

2. The role of perception and sensory awareness to experience how energy moves through the body and to expand our capacity for authentic relating. Tracking and riding the wave of expanding and condensing in both unwinding and building pulsation to increase cellular tone.

3. Simple tools for navigating inner and outer space with a variety of practices and props.

Includes Five Basic Skills to open perception and Six Metrics of Aliveness to track sensation. Plus sound, mapping, Effort-Shape, props and almost anything in your environment.

4. A basic-level, guided and self-exploratory somatic movement experience.


Suggested Props:

1 chair or stool

8” coregeous or exercise ball

1 light resistance band

1 yoga block

yoga mat or blanket

Presenter Bios:

Elizabeth Andes-Bell and Bruce Bell are embodiment coaches, somatic
movement-healers, educators and somanauts. They have been teaching and
exploring human expression/potential through movement and the human
energy field for 40 years.

They are the founders of, a center for
biotensegrally-informed fascial fitness, healing and a lab for exploring
evolutionary consciousness. They offer classes, workshops, trainings and
private sessions. They are also the creators of the IKO-Ball ( a
fitness-tool to rehydrate, reorganize and retune the facial body.
As senior faculty and department heads of the Barbara Brennan School
of Healing for ten years, Elizabeth and Bruce created somatic training and
art-as-healing programs.

They also owned and operated yoga and fitness centers in New York City for
twenty-five years.


Elizabeth and Bruce

22nd September 2022 - 19:00 UK time

Event type


Members Webinar


7 pm BST

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