Monthly Member Webinar

As one of our membership benefits, we are delighted to run a monthly members' webinar to explore a different element of fascia.  See the details below for this month’s instalment.

Practical details

Date: Thursday 16th March

Time: 19.00 – 20.00 UK time. Check your timezone here

Presenter: Susan Lowell de Solórzano

Title: Biotensegrity & Beginner’s Mind

The webinar will be uploaded to the Members’ Area within 72 hours of the event for free access by our members.

Webinar Summary:

Forget everything you think you already know about biotensegrity.

As the saying goes, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Biotensegrity is an expansive and fast moving field, but what is it, and how can it inform our work in health and wellness? Fortunately, we needn’t have solved all the mysteries, to apply it to case histories!

Beginner’s Mind, a concept from Sōtō Zen monk Shunryū Suzuki, allows us to enter into learning and experience with minimal distraction from preconceptions.

In this webinar, Susan shares why cultivating “beginner’s mind” is a powerful accelerator for learning biotensegrity and applying it to your practice. Plus, she’ll outline the “5 things you need to know” that will put you ahead of many of the self-appointed "experts" currently discussing biotensegrity (either pro or con).

Presenter Bios:

Susan Lowell de Solórzano first stumbled onto biotensegrity in 2008 while trying to deepen her understanding of the practice and classic writings of T’ai Chi Ch’uan; she has been a student of biotensegrity ever since. Susan began working directly with Dr Stephen Levin in 2009, and co-founded the Stephen M. Levin Biotensegrity Archive with Steve and his wife, Olga Cox-Levin, in 2015. Her book, Everything Moves: How biotensegrity informs human movement was published by Handspring Publishing in 2020. Susan is showrunner/ co-producer/ co-host of the BiotensegriTea Parties, author of the Biotensegrity Archive’s BX101 Guide, and producer of the Colloquy on Biotensegrity & Equine Health.

Susan is an ATCQA Level III certified T’ai Chi and Qi Gong teacher, and holds an MA in human development and education specializing in kinesthetic learning.



twitter: @1Biotensegrity

biotensegrity and beginners mind

16th March 2023 - 19:00 UK time

Event type


Members Webinar


7 pm BST

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