Monthly Member Webinar – Thursday 22nd February 2024

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Date: Thursday 22nd February

Time: 19.00 UK time. Check your timezone here

Presenter: Renata Dębicka

Title: TMJ and Posture Dynamics: Exploring the Hidden Connection

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Webinar Outline:

Join our enlightening webinar, TMJ and Posture Dynamics: Exploring the Hidden Connection, to uncover the critical but often unnoticed role of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in maintaining and influencing body posture. Moving beyond traditional structural models, this session explores the dynamic interplay between TMJ and the rest of the body, within the context of the biotensegrity model. This approach highlights a comprehensive, three-dimensional perspective on overall movement dynamics, centering on the integrated interplay throughout the entire body system. This contrasts with focusing solely on the isolated ‘head-neck-jaw’ segment, promoting a more complex understanding of movement and balance.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  1. Fundamentals of TMJ: A brief overview of the temporomandibular joint's anatomy and mechanics.
  2. TMJ-Posture Link (Beyond Structural Models): Understanding how TMJ dysfunction can alter and affect body posture. Shifting from traditional views to a systemic, three-dimensional approach to TMJ and posture.
  3. Global Movement and Synergism: Understanding how TMJ impacts overall bodily movements and systemic health.
  4. Practical application: Learning and practicing Zoga Movement™ exercises tailored for TMJ

Presenter Bio:

Renata Dębicka

Czech-based certified  Scarwork  and  Bonework  therapist,  trained  in  the original concepts of Sharon Wheeler’s work.  First certified Structural Bodywork practitioner in the Czech Republic, following the Anatomy Trains® concept.  Extensive international fascial release training experience, including human cadaver dissections. Currently studying Health Protection at Olomouc’s Faculty of Health Sciences, integrating biomedical science and society. Representative of Wojciech Cackowski’s Zoga Movement™ in the Czech Republic. Delivers lectures on the fascial system. Translates foreign training and publications  on the fascial system. Founder of the “Spatial Body” education project and “Vzdělání v pohybu” (Education in Movement) portal. Artistic flair expressed through human anatomy illustrations.



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Members Webinar


4 pm BST

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