Exploring Inner Space and the Evolving Human with Gil Hedley: Poetry, Spirit, and Conversation

Gil will offer some poetry sharing and talking, interspersed with Q & A and allowing time for conversation with the community.

Session Outline:

An uplifting time for all. Spend three hours with Gil Hedley in conversation.

This will be an international event during which Gil will lead a conversation around matters of our inner space and the evolving human. We will be diving into the heart, relationships, and moving forward powerfully and consciously during our current times.

Our gathering will involve self reflection, meditation, commentary, and conversation with a view to elevating everyone present, and carrying that energy forward.

In keeping with all of Gil's offerings, this will be an integrative, whole person, body-centered and uplifting event for everyone involved.


Date: Sunday July 10th

Time: 17.00 UK time; 10.00 (Mountain time); 09.00 (Pacific time); .

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There will be 2 x 20 minutes breaks provided during the session.

Access to the recordings provided for 3 weeks afterwards.

Gil Hedley

Presenter Bio:

Gil Hedley, Ph.D., is renowned as an inspirational speaker. Much-loved as a presenter, Gil has the ability to bring something new to his audience, a gift of taking them on a journey into the mind and body.

He has been teaching "integral anatomy" in the lab, lecture hall and online at www.gilhedley.com since 1995 to professionals from the whole range of healing and fitness modalities. He is the producer of The Integral Anatomy Series, the author of several books of poetry and prose, and has now created the "Anatomy from A to Z" project, a comprehensive 200+ hour on-camera tour of human anatomy based on his integral, whole-body approach, all available online.

Gil is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he presides over the Board of Directors of the Institute for Anatomical Research, a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation focused on expanding the study of integral anatomy through cadaver studies.

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